FLIP the Meeting is a collaborative effort to help companies make meetings more efficient and effective. This method was designed by Dr. Brandy Parker and Dr. Lodge McCammon.

Dr. Brandy ParkerDr. Brandy Parker is the Vice President of Research Strategy at Wells Fargo. She works on a variety of projects that investigate the workplace, covering topics such as training evaluation, job analysis, and predictive analytics, with the goal of providing research- based evidence to inform practices and policies in the organization. Brandy is also active in exploring a variety of efficient and engaging methods for communicating findings, as well as improving communication in general. Prior to this role, Brandy worked as a Manager of Workforce Analytics at Johnson & Johnson, the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, conducting program and training evaluations for K-12 education across North Carolina, and at SWA Consulting, Inc., as a Data Specialist. Brandy received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University, and her Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from North Carolina State University.

Dr. Lodge McCammonDr. Lodge McCammon’s teaching methods have inspired thousands of educators to make significant changes in their practice. He has created lessons and resources that have impacted teachers at every school level, across all subject areas. Dr. Lodge’s career began in 2003 at Wakefield High School in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he taught Civics and AP Economics. He received a Ph.D. from NC State University in 2008 and continued his work by developing innovative classroom strategies (e.g., paperslide videos) and sharing them with students, teachers and schools across the world. His expertise lies in (1) improving teacher quality by emphasizing the importance of transparency, efficiency, reflective practice, and relationships, and (2) helping teachers create healthy learning environments that are highly collaborative, differentiated, and engaging. McCammon is also a professional musician who composes and performs educational songs, with supporting materials, about advanced curriculum for K-12 classrooms. Popular subject areas include algebra, chemistry, and U.S. history. His songs and related materials can be found in Discovery Education Streaming. Dr. McCammon is an independent education consultant who provides professional services, including keynote speeches, presentations, curriculum development, and a variety of training programs.